Following the Gold medal success of Charlotte Dujardin and the amazing Valegro at the London Olympics, the profile of British Dressage is at an all time high.

The British population, naturally a nation of horse lovers and the media were mesmerised by the Dancing Horses

Dressage is Britain's fastest growing equestrian sport. It is currently attracting a wide range of new people whether they are young or older and and even those looking for or bringing a bit of glamour.

Having had success in the world of commerce Louise is able to understand and meet the needs of sponsors, she enjoys success and is eloquent, intelligent and fun.

She has big ambitions and is looking for sponsors to join her in the journey.

Personal Involvement

Do you want to live the dream with dressage horse ownership in an enticing and exciting sport? Through part or full ownership or a lease package which can start at an affordable level you can have the experience of involvement at top sport and your horses development every step of the way. Louise will provide a warm welcome and excellent service to you as her owner.

Corporate Sponsorship

Equestrian sport is unique in that men and women compete against each other on equal terms. Equestrian sport attracts and engages the whole family, it is a truly social activity. Involvement in equestrian sport is a way of life requiring immense dedication. The sport has a unique feature – the cooperation between man and horse. The demographics for equestrian sport in all key markets are consistent and desirable for a wide range of prestigious businesses and brands. It reaches not only riders and fans, but also the families and relatives of those involved in equestrian sport. The majority of riders are females between 21 and 35 years of age, but the age groups 36-50 and 17-20 are also strong. We can provide your company with cost-effective advertising, with a high amount of company exposure for relatively low cost.

Brand parallels include; precision, cooperation, beauty, harmony, success, determination, discipline, lifestyle choices, equality.

Equestrian Suppliers

We are open to offers from sponsors on all levels, whether they can support us with a financial donation or products.

I see it as my responsibility to represent the brand in an appropriate manner, to help promote you , and to help raise your profile.

From socks to stirrups, boots to helmet, feed for horse or rider - every donation is appreciated, and return I  will do my best to mutually support your business.

In addition to your logo being display wherever applicable, we will do our best to ensure that sponsors are credited and thanked whenever possible at events and of course we will give you a mention in any local/national press coverage we achieve. We will also actively promote sponsors here on our website, in our social media, on the sponsors page, and on the Links page. Additionally, our team are also able to distribute promotional materials on behalf of sponsor at events and other equestrian functions.

Each sponsorship deal is tailored to suit your needs but here are a few examples of the benefits you might receive...

  • Sponsor logo and products featured on this web site and any other publicity materials
  • Press coverage and hospitality at major events
  • Reviews and product feedback on any items supplied by sponsors
  • Invitation to Sponsors functions and hospitality when possible.
  • Access to come and watch us training the horses for PR purposes.
  • Sponsor logo on rugs, saddle cloths and apparel

Semi Flex Saddles are proud to sponsor Louise Davison

I have been working with Barrie for the last ten years, during that time I have progressed from competing at Novice to International level dressage. I pay great attention to detail and believe that Barrie's saddles have been a key contributor to my success.

The saddles allow my horses complete freedom of movement, this was highlighted at this years National Championships with my five year old stallion Angelo Arnee gaining the highest marks for his movement and paces. I also really like the feel you get as a rider, and the way that the saddle allows you to develop a classical seat.

To visit Semi Flex Saddles website click here ...



Louise has produced and competed dressage horses on our behalf for many years. Her professionalism, combined with her sympathetic and stylish riding and training skills have allowed us to give our dressage bred horses the very best start to their competitive career. Horses ridden and produced by Louise are now competing successfully all around the world and we look forward to continuing this successfully partnership for many years to come.”
Pat Ruck (